What We Do…

We have a shelter for women and their children and for men and their children. The capacity for the women’s shelter is 35 and for the men’s shelter is nine.

We keep them for a maximum period of six months, depending on each case. During their stay at the shelter, psychosocial support is offered by our social workers and they are also assisted with basic skills training like, baking – where they learn how to make birthday cakes (which is also part of the income generating projects that we have at the house that help in the sustenance of the organization), scones and other basic baking skills; they also learn perfume making, of which the house also has an income generating business for fragrances for both males and females. We also teach detergent making of which only four are done at the moment, which are household bleach, multi-purpose cleaner- ammonia, pine gel, dishwasher, basic computer training and basic sewing skills. We also have a second hand shop, which we run from our garage where we sell seconds which have been donated that are not used at the house (only if the donor is fine with us selling).

Abrina Esther House