What We Do…

Esther House One Stop Crisis Centre

This is where we catch them, the victims of rape / domestic violence / abuse / assault.

Esther House Women’s Shelter (Safe House) Where we:

  • Provide wholesome meals for all residents.
  • Offer a supportive and morale building home environment.
  • Teach them that they have rights under our constitution and what they are.
  • Teach them about HIV / AIDS (many of them are already positive when they reach us, through ignorance) and prevention and also how to live with being positive.
  • Liaise with placing agency / church / organisation who take responsibility for the transport and securing of alternative accommodation for the women they have placed in Esther House
  • Offer basic skills training and development to the residents e.g. housekeeping, hygiene, baking, sewing etc.
  • Provide marketable skills training; computers and sewing are the first priorities we envisage.