Howick Training Centre

As a NPO we at Abrina Esther House have a facility where we can train our victims of crime as a second phase and so get them to be able to start there new life with the knowledge of how to survive.

Our main focus for this property will be training in the following areas Рcatering, agricultural, basic computer skills, and this will only be our beginning. We have found a great place that can accommodate us completely in this second phase and it is situated in the Howick area.  This land offers us the opportunity to develop it in an agricultural land that will also teach the ladies how to support their families through planting and growing their own vegetables. This house consist of 7 rooms for training an20160401_174351d a very large kitchen. Unfortunately this house was neglected in maintenance and therefore we need some funding for the renovation and maintenance of this beautiful house with a view over the Midmar Dam.

Below are a few pictures of the area and the house.

We are open for any donations toward this second phase

Photos of the House









Below is some more pictures of the area / land around the house to develop and to maintain.