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One Woman Served is One Woman Saved

Mission Statement

To provide safe, Godly shelter for women and their children in distress until alternate accommodation is found and to keep mothers and children together. We feel that at such a traumatic time they should not be separated.

Who we are…

Abrina Esther House is a response to the need in Pietermaritzburg and surrounding communities for Godly, temporary, safe and caring shelter for women in distress and their children. For those who qualify, there is a further indeterminate period of nurturing for women and their children, including sustainable skills training.

“Esther” is from the book of Esther in the Bible. She was a brave woman who saved her people in a great time of need, because she was obedient to the call of God on her life at that time.

Abrina Esther House consists of, at this stage, two fully furnished and equipped homes with live-in house managers. The house situated in central Pietermaritzburg is a Crisis Centre and the other is a Safe House in a suburb of Pietermaritzburg. They provide secure short-term accommodation for women and their children.

Fouders of Abrina Estherhouse & Director
Fouders of Abrina Estherhouse

Abrina Esther House was established by Ivon & June Grindley-Ferrisand has been in operation since 2001. It works in co-operation with the support of other related projects / organisations in the city.

Two of our staff are trained counselors and we have a qualified Social Worker and we insist that all our guests submit to counseling, to enable them to deal with their issues and move on with their lives.


One woman came from the Congo with her mother and two children. She couldn’t speak English or Isizulu and they had nothing. She stayed 6 months with us, and in that time she learnt both languages and she started a Spaza (shop) with a board and four bricks on a pavement. She grew her business until she could afford to rent a house and she then moved her family in and started taking in Refugees as boarders. She heard about IOM in Durban which is a Govt. Organisation which sponsors refugees who want to move from South Africa to other more hospitable countries and applied. She is now in USA, on a bursary to study Medicine, with her mother and children, who will also be taken care of.